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The current research activities of MICA address a common objective: the micro-analysis of fluids (liquid or gas) by using or combining different transduction modes (electrochemical, electromagnetic and optical).

These technologies dedicated to chemical, biochemical and biological analysis are generally built on generic platforms to address various needs and challenges in the fields of environment, health, biology or security. Our long experience in this field fostered numerous collaborations with other teams in LAAS but also with many other national and international labs (mainly chemists, biologists or physicists).

Thanks to our know-how in technology, multi-physics modeling and metrology, our proven strength is our ability to study and integrate heterogeneous micro or nanostructured materials (Si, III-V semiconductors, metal oxides, polymers, organic semi-conductors...) in novel devices and to functionalize active surfaces in order to realize new prototypes of miniaturized and high performance gas, chemical and biological sensors.

  principes de transduction multi physiques de l'équipe MICA

 Different ways of transductions explored by MICA team : electrochemical, electromagnetic and optical.

Thanks to more than fifteen years of experience in micro/nanotechnologies, we develop new technological fabrication methods to integrate materials and micro/nano-structures/devices into smart microsystems.